Thursday, February 18, 2010

Another Dating Story

Taking a break from my reminiscing for a brief dating story from a few months ago.

"Don't forget this," I said, holding one of those froufrou band things women put in their hair. I was smiling.

And why not? It was the morning after. A great date turned into a great night. We were mentally and - now verified - physically compatible(and verified again in the morning, just in case the previous evening was a fluke). In the chaos of getting ready for the day in a strange place she had almost forgotten her cellphone on my night table. We did a spot check around the bed, just in case, and I found the hair band.

"Don't forget this," I said.

She looked at it, then at me.

"...That's not mine."

I looked at her, then at it. And this is what I actually said:

"'s not mine."

It's not mine, said as If I had no idea how it got there, no memory of the woman who must have forgotten it not two days earlier. In two seconds, the only story I could come up with hung on my date believing that some woman broke into my apartment, took off her hair band, and left. Some phantom bent on ruining my dating life, spreading lies - damned lies! - that I was a man-whore about town.

She looked at my embarrassed face.

"That's awesome," she said, laughing.


Melinda said...

She was right - that is awesome. Too funny. You have great stories.

Kris said...

Thanks Melinda :)

Ian said...

wish I had something funny to say, but I totally can't relate. For me accidentally acquiring hair products from chicks is like the equivalent of whatever it is college footballs players do to get those stickers on their helmets. Never steal anything, but if shampoo is left in the bathroom or a hair tie is found amongst the bedsheets it gets confiscated